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Praia de Albandeira
Located near Lagoa, this hidden gem is perfect for those who want to discover a secluded and unspoiled beach. The beach is surrounded by impressive rock formations, and the water is clear and calm, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
Fun fact: this beach was used as a location for a music video by the famous Portuguese singer Mariza.

Praia da Marinha
If you’re a fan of natural beauty, you have to visit Praia da Marinha. Meaning “navy beach”, Marinha is an iconic beach near Lagoa, and it’s regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world.
CNN highlights its amazing cliffside, Lonely Planet names it the best beach in the Algarve, and it was cited as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe by the Michelin Guide.
You’ll see plenty of photos of Praia da Marinha in ads for the Algarve. In real life, the beach is even more stunning – and it’s one of the top sites to see in the area. This beach is known for its stunning cliffs and rock formations, and the water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Praia das Fontainhas
From Praia de Albandeira, walk east through the woods and over the cliffs to this “secret” beach. On the days when it’s discovered by tourists on boat tours, it can get crowded, but it’s usually frequented by just a few locals and guests of a hotel nearby. It’s quite small and half of it shaded by the mid-afternoon, but it’s a beautiful and peaceful place to relax in the sun or in calm waters.

Praia de Benagil:

Located near Lagoa (not to be confused with Lagos), this small and picturesque beach is perfect for those who want to discover one of the most iconic natural wonders of the Algarve.
Praia de Benagil is surrounded by impressive cliffs, and the water is crystal clear, making it perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
Fun fact: this beach is home to the famous Benagil Cave, which can be accessed by boat or by swimming from the beach. The cave is one of the most popular attractions in the Algarve, and it’s easy to see why – the rock formations and the turquoise water inside the cave are simply breathtaking.

Praia do Vale de Centeanes
Praia do Vale de Centeanes is surrounded by an imposing cliff that enters the sea. The sea is so transparent that one can see the bottom of the sea when standing on the golden sands. 

Praia de Carvoeiro
The main beach in the former fishing village of Carvoeiro still has fishing boats on the sand, but they now take tourists around the coast. The boats and the white villas perched on the cliff behind it make it one of Algarve’s most picturesque beaches. Once a small fishing village Carvoeiro is now a bustling beach town, but still has the same town charm. This is a popular spot for beachgoers because it has ample shade with restaurants, cafes, and bars. 

Praia do Paraíso 
A long but hidden staircase leads to this secluded beach at the bottom of a cliff. It’s just a short walk from Praia do Carvoeiro, but is never crowded. It’s very small and few people know about it, except for those who live nearby. It guarantees peace and quiet, but you have to go when the tide is low, as it almost disappears at high tide.

Praia Grande (Ferragudo)
Praia Grande is located between Carvoeiro and Ferragudo in the central Algarve with the beach bordering both the Atlantic and the River Arade and ensuring gentle waves all year round.

The sheltered waters make this beach a great one for nervous swimmers or for anyone not keen on being taken unaware by a random wave while trying to get into the water.

Praia Grande is huge with one area near the river with rocks to climb on and views of the fort, another area with a dedicated sports pitch and even a small play park on the sand for younger children. You can even get to the beach by water taxi from Portimão arena if you want to cut out the drive around!

What draws most people to this beach however is the live music and entertainment. Head down on a Sunday and Club Nau on the beach holds music sessions, or move around the corner and relax with chill out tunes on the sand at Escondidinho.

Praia dos Caneiros (Ferragudo)
This is really two beaches separated by a cliff and connected when the tide is low. It’s quite popular with the people of the neighboring towns, who visit throughout the year for the restaurant which offers seafood and sea views. Right in front is a sea stack which is environmentally protected, as it’s the habitat of sea birds. The side that’s only accessible at low tide is quite peaceful and beautiful, with another sea stack, caves and clear waters. There are paddle boats, kayaks, sunbeds and sunshades for rent at the restaurant, which is also a great sunset spot.

Praia da Angrinha (Ferragudo)
It’s the closest beach to the center of Ferragudo and separated from Praia Grande do Ferragudo by the castle. At low tide, however, it forms one long beach with its neighbor. It’s very quiet and you likely won’t find any tourists. It’s the beach of locals and fishermen, but couples will enjoy the romantic scenery of the castle and the boats crossing the Arade River from the marina of Portimão.

Praia da Rocha (Portimão)
Did you know that Praia da Rocha translates to “Rocky Beach“? It’s a fitting name, as the beach is surrounded by unique rock formations. I always appreciate a good spot to soak up some rays, and Praia da Rocha does not disappoint.
Located in Portimão, this beach is a huge stretch of golden sand known for its stunning cliffs and has sun-loungers galore for you to snooze and sunbathe on. The turquoise waters are absolutely breathtaking, and if you like taking photos, there’s so much to capture.
You’ll have plenty of beach bars and food joints to choose from, as well as water activities like jet skiing, dolphin-watching and boat trips.

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